Flexible Appearances and
High Performance
Sicher Elevator uses new durable materials, boasts high durability and high operating performance, and can fully meet transportation requirements in many public places, such as subways, overhead bridges, stations and airports to provide solutions suitable for urban convenient public transportation systems.
Smart and Safe
Step chain protection
When step chains are broken, extend excessively, or extend and shorten unexpectedly, the escalator will stop automatically.
Handrail entrance protection
The handrail entrance is installed with a safety device. When a foreign matter is clipped at the handrail entrance, the escalator will stop automatically.
Comb safety protection
When there is a foreign matter between the moving step and the still comb, the safety switches monitoring both sides of the comb plate will be triggered and the whole escalator will stop automatically.
Step sagging protection
When steps or rollers sag unexpectedly, the escalator will stop automatically.
Missing step detection
The driving station and the steering station are provided with a monitoring device respectively. When a missing step is detected, the escalator will stop immediately.
Install Arrangement
Single unit
The single unit used to link two levels. It is suitable for buildings with passenger traffic flowing mainly in one direction. Flexible adjustment to traffic flow (e.g: up in the morning and down in the evening) is possible.
Continuous arrangement (one-way traffic)
This arrangement is used mainly in smaller department stores to link three sales levels. It requires more space than the interrupted arrangement.
Interrupted arrangement (one-way traffic)
This arrangement is somewhat inconvenient for users, but advantageous for department store owners, since the short detour to the next unit and the spatial separation between up and down travel is ideal for leading customers past strategically placed advertising displays.
Parallel, interrupted arrangement (two-way traffic)
This arrangement is used mainly in department stores and pubic transport buildings with a heavy traffic volume. When there are three or more escalators, it should be possible to reverse the traveling direction according to the traffic flow. This arrangement is economical, since no inner lateral claddings are required.
Crisscross, continuous arrangement (two-way traffic)
This arrangement is used mainly in major department stores, public buildings and public transport buildings where transport times between several levels should levels should be kept to a minimum.
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