Independent innovation eco-system
Master core technologies
Public escalators with the hoisting height of 30m
Intelligent IoT remote service technology
Moving walks with a moving distance of over 120m
Intelligent interactive elevator technology
Technology of installing elevators to existing sheet-type buildings
Energy feedback technology
Intelligent elevator safety control technology
Independent innovation eco-system
Master core technologies
As a global elevator manufacturer and a national-level high-tech enterprise, Sicher Elevator has constantly increased its investment in technical research and development, set up a well-equipped powerful research and development center, and actively carried out scientific and technological innovation. Moreover, Sicher Elevator has constantly provided high-value-added new products and solutions, improved its core competitiveness and promoted its rapid development by technological innovation.
Won First Prize of Zhejiang Science and
Technology Advancement Award
Won Second Prize of Shanghai Science and
Technology Advancement Award
Collaborative research
and development platforms
Sicher Elevator firmly promotes the technological innovation strategy. While relying on its strong independent research and development capacity. Sicher Elevator has respectively established a long-term partnership with international first-rate universities and scientific research institutes, set up a new platform for international coordination between enterprises and universities to speed up the technological innovation and mastered core elevator technologies.
An experiment center certified by CNAS
The Sicher Central Laboratory certified by CNAS has achieved multilateral recognition with 58 laboratories from 46 worldwide economies to share advanced elevator technologies.
Laboratory certification issued by CNAS
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