First Shipment of Escalators for Mexico City Benito Juárez International Airport Project
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On October 8th, the first batch of escalators for Mexico Capital International Airport Project were shipped from Sicher headquarters factory, which is another national landmark project of Sicher Elevator in Mexico after serving Guadalajara Metro Line 3, Acapulco International Airport , Bombonera Stadium, IZTAPALAPA Museum and so on.

Mexico Capital International Airport, full name Mexico City Benito Juárez International Airport named after the country's former president Benito Juárez, is the hub airport of Mexico City, the capital of the United States of Mexico. Mexico Capital International Airport is the busiest airport of country and the whole Latin America.

Sicher Elevator has entered the Mexican market since 2015. After so many years of deep development in the Mexican market, with mature products, solid technical strength and efficient and meticulous service, the company has won a high quality market reputation and brand reputation in the Mexican market. The service field has been extended from the initial single residential passenger elevator to landmark rail transit and public construction projects in various cities in Mexico.

After the successful delivery of 139 escalators for Metro Line 3 in Guadalajara which is an important technology and financial center in Latin America, the project of Mexico Capital International Airport, as a national comprehensive transportation hub, has higher requirements for large passenger flow transportation, long-term operation and high strength bearing. At the same time, the escalators, as supporting facilities for the airport, the equipment process details, overall aesthetic degree also has harsh requirements.

In the past three years, although the overseas market was affected by the severe global COVID-19 epidemic and the complicated international situation, the team of Sicher International Trade actively took various measures to solve the problems for customers, and assisted to deal with the project site problems through remote communication and training. At the same time, as responsible Sicher people, we actively coordinate and support various kinds of epidemic prevention materials for overseas partners in need, earnestly consider for customers and provide all-round services.

In the future, Sicher Elevator will build its core competitiveness with brand, talent, technology and service, and meet the higher requirements of domestic and international market competition with personalized customization, flexible production and brand operation. By creating the new value ecology of intelligent manufacturing, service industrialization and brand internationalization, it will provide power for more countries in urban public transportation and building transportation, and serve the world and influence the world with "Sicher Intelligent Manufacturing" on behalf of Chinese ingenuity.


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