Sicher Elevator was Awarded the 2022 Zhejiang Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise
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Recently, the Market Regulation Bureau of Zhejiang Province released the list of "2022 Zhejiang Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprises". Sicher Elevator won the honorary title of Zhejiang Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise by virtue of its ability and experience in the creation, management and application of intellectual property rights over these years.

Sicher Elevator has always attached great importance to the internal control and management of intellectual property, established a systematic intellectual property management system, formulated the information release control process, defined the division of labor mechanism and scope of authority, set up intellectual property work post, intellectual property risk prevention and other effective measures. It comprehensively stipulates the use, protection and management of the company's patents, trademarks, software copyrights, core technologies and trade secrets.

Sicher company promotes the development strategy of scientific and technological innovation, lay emphasis on technological innovation and product research and development, establishes "National Postdoctoral Research Workstation", "Provincial High-tech Enterprise Research and Development Center", "Provincial Enterprise Technology Center", "Provincial Enterprise Research Institute", "Provincial Industrial Design Center", introduces Academician Li Lemin of Chinese Academy of Engineering to establish "Provincial Academician Expert Workstation".

Sicher Elevator has presided over and participated in the compilation of 34 national standards, industry standards and group standards, including Technical Specifications for the Internet of Things for Elevators, escalators and Moving sidewalks (GB/T 24476-2017). The company has more than 200 technical patents, 3 German patents and 11 computer software copyrights, covering elevator design, manufacturing, testing and other links. The relevant patents have won the "Gold Award of Geneva International Invention Exhibition", "China Patent Excellence Award" and other honors.

In recent years, with the digital revolution as the driving force, Sicher Elevator has comprehensively promoted the shaping and construction of intellectual property service system, increased scientific and technological innovation, promoted technological iteration, and actively promoted the upgrade and development of elevator industry. In the future, Sicher Elevator will continue to optimize product quality and improve technical innovation, to provide safe, humanized and intelligent elevator products for global users!

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