Sicher Elevator was listed on the growth enterprise market of Shenzhen Stock Exchange
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On September 7, 2021, Sicher Elevator Co., Ltd. was listed on the growth enterprise market of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, opening a new era of the company's development. (Stock name: Sicher; Stock code: 301056)

Sicher Elevator successfully landed on the capital market, is an important milestone in the development process of the company, but also a new starting point. Future, Sicher elevator will continue adhering to the focus, the innovation spirit of enterprise, constantly increase in new product development, channel construction, production capacity, such as investment, driven by innovation of science and technology to upgrade products and services, agents, suppliers, win-win cooperation, hand in hand to reach the company quality development, build national brand with world influence. Sicher will return investors, customers and society with better performance.

In the era of intelligent economy, Sicher Elevator adheres to the development trend of smart city, Internet of everything and intelligent manufacturing, implements the strategy of scientific and technological innovation, and continues to focus on creating intelligent elevator product technology and service. 

At the same time, Sicher continues to make efforts in potential markets such as high-end ultra-high-speed elevator, old elevator renewal, industrial parks, old building elevator and rear elevator market service, to help better travel and open a new prospect of intelligent, digital and international.

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